Psoriasis Guideline 2009

The project on developping European evidence based guidelines for the treatment of psoriasis started in January 2006. It is supported by the EDF (European Dermatology Forum) in cooperation with the EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology) and IPC (International Psoriasis Council).

Due to a stepwise approach the development is subdivided in:

  • Guidelines on the systemic treatment of psoriasis vulgaris
  • Guidelines on the systemic treatment of psoriasis and arthritic involvement
  • Guidelines on the systemic maintenance treatment of psoriasis
  • Guidelines on the topical treatment of psoriasis vulgaris

The first step has been accomplished and the guidelines on the systemic treatment of psoriasis vulgaris were published in the October 2009 issue of the JEADV.

A multisiclipinary group of experts, consisting of dermatologist from a broad spectrum of European countries, two dermatologists from the USA as well as other relevant medical groups, including two patient representatives were involved the development of these guidelines.

The methodological coordination was facilitated by the division of Evidence Based Medicine (dEBM) in cooperation with an international group of methodologists.


Prof. Dr. med Berthold Rzany Sc.M. Delano Pathirana Dr. med. Alexander Nast